How to Submit

We understand that creative expression is often the most liberating outlet for those who feel like they don't have anyone to turn to. Your submissions will be posted on our blog and may be presented at our event with your consent. We will require a few details regarding your submission. Submissions are open to all who wish to do so. They may be in the form of audio clips, videos, art, poetry, prose, photography, etc.


If you would like to submit any of your work, please fill out the Submission Form.


Or you could directly email us at If you are emailing us your submission, please ensure you add the following details along with the submission:


  1. Whether you would like to stay anonymous or not

  2. Whether we have permission to publish on our blog and/or present it at our event

  3. The title of your piece and a short description to introduce it (around 30 words)

  4. An image you associate with the piece; this will form the cover image for the submission. (If you cannot find an image, we will choose on your behalf)


If you want to simply contact us, visit the contact page.

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