Spoils Of War

The poem, 'Spoils Of War', is about peace, something that every human must appreciate and cherish for it might not last forever. Peace and war go hand in hand and sometimes, we fail to think of its consequences. 


Wails, cries and shouts are all that flow,

In these winds that carry broken hearts and mantles.

Bullets and nukes pass by, like falling raindrops,

Drowning people and their dreams into a river of red.

The baby girl looks around her toys with holes,

Lying around companion to a ton other.

She slips into the arms of one such doll,

Shaking it, crying to it, with no response.

She tries desperately to wake it up,

But it would no longer talk to her.

No longer feed her, play with her,

For her mother is now a spoil of war.

Eyes welled at the thought of her loss,

She was reminded of the promise their leaders had made.

Shaking hands and praising themselves in bulletproof vehicles,

That no tear shall drop in the name of war.

~Ram Kumar

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