Poison only tastes like poison until you've swallowed it

The content aims to convey the message of how the people considered Mira's admiration and affection for Lord Krishna until she had poisoned herself.

Photo by Joshua Sukoff on Unsplash


Her innocent eyes watched

two bodies rebuild to one soul

impeccably she turns to her mother

"Maa, who are they? What are they doing?"

Maa simplifies how they're tying up

for the rest of their lives and points out the groom

"Maa, who's my groom?"

Bewildered Maa hands over a beautiful idol of Krishna

"Here, he's"

And that's how a 4-year-old lost her heart in perpetuity to Lord Krishna;

As is often said, Love ain't easy

Her ardour and fondness of Krishna

did put her in knotty times

For her it was her sheer admiration

but to the world, it was a fatal deal;

She was gobbling that poison of love

which meant more than any elixir to her

People called her affinity gullibility

and her delusional

But her heart was well pleased

with imbibing that bane

because it might be toxic to the world

but it was the only thing she had ever had;

Slowly and steadily, drop by drop

she swallowed that venomous amour

till a day, she actually had to gulp it down her throat

The world here thought she couldn't do it

But she took the bowl of poison and

devoured it without any shilly-shallying

Mira won, the world lost

Her love was lethal only till she was alive

As soon as she slurped it

it was in the world's face

as if the world swallowed the poison

they had in their minds

that their love had never been pure.

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