According to the poet, "The poem is about any girl who feels miserable after losing someone she loves, but then she gathers courage and realizes that she's strong enough to lead a life of bliss without him."

Warning: explicit


My body aches & stomach burns Throats dead & mind's aloud Screaming your name, Though invisible amongst the crowd. They said my body's hot, Unaware that it is the mind that's caught. Pain is not what they see, Pain is how fucking exhausted I feel. The place I'm standing, got no walls, Yet somehow anxiety crawls, Reigning the roots of my brain, Messing my life by exceeding the existing stress & strain. Take me out of this deluded land, Where each minute, you're holding my hand, And since the reality is too harsh, too curt, I choose to keep my eyes shut. Your name on my wrist is now a stain, Pressurising the blade to cut my vein. The gifts you gave still lay under my bed, Will throw them from there but tell me how from my head? No longer do I choose to stay a mess, But the very moment I try to erase-- Your existence from my dark life, The flashbacks of all those beautiful moments arrive-- How proudly you would claim me as your future wife, Now left me like this barely feeling alive, Body's still hot & I am on my pills, They prescribe medicines not knowing what this soul wills. I offered all that love to you for free, And you're still misunderstanding me, It is not your attention that I crave, But wanting a little from the lot that I gave. I can't find anything worthy to fill this void, And that is why I shall now destroy, Every thought that consists your name- Honey I accept the challenge, let's continue the game. Though the reality is too harsh, too curt. No longer will I keep my eyes shut. I'm stepping out of that deluded land, For I realize, I'm in no need of your false hands.

~Nandini Bhuta

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