Do You Hide From Your Truth?

This is for everyone who is afraid of the darkness inside of them. Be unafraid to express who you are. Love your dark as much as your light. You need both of those things to exist and create magic.


I looked out the window and saw the enamouring stars. The bewitching night called out to me and I nonchalantly walked out on the streets. It happened instinctively, like I had been doing this since a blue moon. I moved gaily under the night sky and everything—the radiant orb of the

night, the magnificent night sky, the regal stars, the dingy and empty streets and the serene silence—seemed unworldly. The wind was silent and a Zephyr sweeped my hair back. With a faint smile on my lips, I kept on gallivanting.

The world was tucked away safely in their ivory towers, but for me. To them, the night denotes horror, monstrous beasts and evil . To me, it's the only time when, at the end of seemingly endless and wearying hours of light, I come alive.

It was as though I was the only one breathing while the whole world rested in peace. I felt enthralled by the bewitchingly blissful night and time seemed to be frozen. A nightingale lifted up a voice in the distance, as if it were singing just for me.

With every step, I unraveled. All of my covers fell apart as if I were veiled, setting me free just for the night. And as the last cover crumbled, I realized the miracle that I was in my most raw form. I beheld the mystifying creature beneath the covers of fears and insecurities. She looked to be unworldly and her beauty lit a fire in my heart. The felicity of being uncaged from the world's cruelty and stances—even just for a few hours—sent me to Elysium.

"You find pleasure in all this, don't you? " The moon smiled at me.

"Of course, I do, " I chuckled, my eyes as dark as the night sky and yet twinkling like the stars.

"Why aren't you afraid of the darkness, like the others? " The stars asked, amused.

"Because when the darkness came for me, I didn't cut and run like the others. And although I was frightened out of my wits, I stood there with my head held high. And when the dark and enraged beast had calmed down, that was when I had seen her. I know that the girl in me was afraid and to cover it up, she had turned into a raging monster. But all she wanted was to be loved and understood. And once you learn to get along with the storm, its power works with you, not against, " A lazy smile rested upon my lips as I elucidated every single thing.

"And what about the world? You don't seem fearful of it either, while most other souls are intimidated and horrified. How so? " The wind questioned.

"With time and experience, I have become familiar with the ways of the world. I know why they hide behind phony kindness and jive affection. I know why most souls appear to be two-faced. I know and understand that every soul in the real world hides its vulnerable state behind veils of malignity and apathy so as to not let anyone catch sight of the vulnerable but unknowingly the most beautiful creature that underlies those veils. It is all for their own safety and welfare and it is fathomable seeing as not all of us understand and embrace each and everyone of us for who we truly are under all those layers of lies. Only the ones who come to grips with the darkness inside of them start to feel valiant and daring. And only they evolve into souls who are courageous and determined enough to live and be seen as they truly are. And I have become one of those valiant souls, " I grinned at the wind when I was done expounding my thoughts.

All of them smiled at me, an unreadable look in their eyes.

"What is it? " I asked, clearly looking confused.

"You really are magic, " The moon smiled.

And I grinned like a Cheshire Cat.

"It's time. You should go, " The wind said with a grimace.

"Okay, " I replied and started running back to where I had come from. But then, I halted. And when I looked back, they were all still looking at me with pained looks.

"I'll be back, I promise, " I said and they lit up. It seemed as though I was the life of the night. As though, without me, it wouldn't have been as divine as it was in that moment. I laughed and headed home, the sound of my laughter echoing through the night.

Now you. Yes you.

Do you hide under veils too?

Are you going to be courageous enough to calm the storm in you and love the person who lives in you?

Will you try to come to grips with the darkness inside of you?

If yes then here's something I want you to keep in mind. And I hope knowing this helps you like it helped me.

People who know you, know when they've hurt you. Sometimes they'd rather not be held accountable. They'd rather ignore and sweep it under the rug, because it's more comfortable for them that way. I used to be the one knocking down doors with my broken heart in my hands, explaining to people what they had done.

It takes a lot of courage for someone to admit when they've been wrong. It takes a lot of character for them to face what they've done. It takes a lot of honour for them to own up to

their mistakes. It takes a lot of integrity for them to try and be a better person.

When someone who has hurt you can't do all this, then the best thing you can do for your own peace, is to forgive them anyways.

It will take time but I pray that you forgive them. For your inner peace.

You are special.

You are loved and wanted.

You are celebrated.

I pray you become valiant and daring to be seen as you truly are. Because when you stand up in front of the whole world unafraid to express your truth, you clear an easier path for others to do the same.

I pray that you try to love yourself, to forgive yourself and find peace with yourself. I pray you thread that needle for your future self. Sometimes the process is so intricate that you don't

realize when you've sewn the patchwork together, until you are warmly wrapped in the blanket of well being.

Remember that you are water.

Cry. Cleanse. Flow.

Remember that you are fire.

Burn. Tame. Ignite.

Remember that you are air.

Be still. Focus. Decide.

Remember that you are the earth.

Stay grounded. Build. Give.

Never forget, the stars shine when you shine.

Let all of it take time. But remember, there will be days when your sky will glow pink with happiness.

And so will you.

~Gargee Singh

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