Break the Barrier

"This piece of work describes about the mental health of people during the lockdown.if you read the first letter of every line, you can find the inner you."

Image credit: Hussain Badshah (@badshah05)


A Ray of hope arising within us

Waking the caged reflections of past without a fuss

Arresting me in the jails of anxiety without any cost

Kindling the folded feelings of my heart

Encapturing the world which we got caught

Nurturing to grow even in drought

Ignoring the dreadful thoughts in my mind.

Nourishing the world that got spined

Gesturing the praise of heavenly God

Lying in the beds of loneliness

Indwelling the pain with weapon of peacefulness

Finding the path of unknown life

Emerging through the gates of fear with a mighty


Igniting the fear of hope

Nucleating the positive and negative aspects to


Yearning from seeds of sorrow to clouds of


Out splashing the everlasting happiness

Uniting the word with mirror of kindness.


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